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Primary School - Personality Development


Language is a medium for expressing emotions and thoughts, yet it is frequently considered a barrier in primary school in India where the Mother Tongue Influence is strong and the medium of instruction is English. Being an English medium school and keeping in mind that it is now a global language, we work to bridge this communication gap by providing weekly English Communication classes. Our language experts presents PPTs, short movies, Current event clippings, etc. to encourage students to develop linguistic skills through regular reading, role play, elocution, discussion and debates where they are motivated to speak rather than learn the language. All these activities are pre-planned and Smart Boards are used to complement regular English classes.

Children share their ideas and experiences with their peer and under the guidance of faculties in a lively and cheerful ambience. Vocabulary words are given regularly and students are motivated to practice English conversation skills in the school premises to familiarize them with day to day words with the aim that they reach higher classes with proficiency in the language.

Primary School - Discipline


Kindergarten is the foundation of school education which should be strong for building the mega structure of Higher education, hence at this stage we emphasize on imparting knowledge with a simplified, practical approach. Tiny tots create a fun filled aura around them, so to maintain the ambience we practice Learning with Fun methodology where children engage in many interesting activities related to their course content besides dancing and singing. Smart boards provide audio visual learning while amazing craft activities engage curious minds to ensure knowledge is imparted even when students are enjoying events specifically organized for this purpose.

Primary School - Sports


Sports and games are an integral part of the school curriculum as physical fitness facilitates mental swiftness. Sports promote team spirit, discipline, character building, confidence, self-control apart from raising the fitness level. School is equipped with State of the Art infrastructure for facilitating sports like Cricket, Basketball, Skating, etc. Yoga and Martial arts training is compulsory at the primary school level, especially for girls.