Chairman's Message


Welcome to the IES Public School an arm of the IES Group of Institutions, fostering education in the field of Engineering, Polytechnic, Management, Education and Schooling. We have been in field of education for ninteen years and the IES Public School is our latest milestone which is closest to my heart.

It gives me immense pleasure to dedicate the school to the inquisitive young minds of our little children. Our school will be a place for growth, not just learning. Our relentless efforts will be focused on broadening knowledge, developing independent thinking, cultivating personality and reinforcing our age-old value systems.

Our emphasis will be on developing a holistic personality while keeping our values constant. Your interest and motivation will complement our efforts at achieving progress. Together we will ensure that the small steps taken by the children in their learning voyage will lead them towards significant achievements in every phase of life.

Director Message

Principal, IES GROUP

We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future
- Franklin D. Roosevelt

At the IES Public School, we are striving towards building our students knowledge, skill sets and values along with a sense of responsibility towards our society and Nation. The extra effort that we put in ensures that the inherent potential in our students leads them to extraordinary achievements in life. The efforts put in by the school with the whole hearted support of the parents have resulted in noteworthy International rankings of students in the Olympiads; in National and State level sports Competitions and other Interschool IT and cultural events. Achievements always give us a sense of fulfillment and pride but the greatest thing attained in this process is the development of personality for a promising future.